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I create from my home in Cornwall.  I have a desk in my dining room where I can have some time for myself to create art and focus on my wellbeing.  I work fulltime for a charity supporting unpaid informal carers, where we help to support Carers in Cornwall to access information advice and guidance.  I really love my job and find it really rewarding.  In my spare time I support my well-being by creating art and making it into products that I think people will enjoy.

I love to use a plethora of mediums, my current favourite is gouache, ink and watercolour.  I have spent a lot of time over the years drawing people, houses, cats, characters from my brain.

I also have a love for stationery, to include stickers, planners, letter sets, washi tape, etc, etc, etc... its just all so lovely isnt it.  You will see that my items sit super close to the things I am passionate about.

If you wanted to check out my items for sale, have a look at the shop section of my website.


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