About Me

I create from my home in Cornwall.  I have a desk in my dining room where I can have some time for myself to create art and focus on my wellbeing.  I work fulltime for a charity called Cornwall Rural Community Charity and work in the department called Kernow Carers Service where we help to support Carers in Cornwall to access information advice and guidance and carers assessments.  I really love my job and find it really rewarding.  In my spare time I support my well-being by creating art and making it into products that I think people will enjoy.

I love to use a plethora of mediums, my current favourite is gouache, ink and watercolour.  I have spent a lot of time over the last 18 months drawing people and cats to try and boost my skills in these areas.

I love to explore colour in my work.  If anyone ever asks for my favourite colour I always answer rainbow.  



Truro United Kingdom


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