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10 things about me

Have you ever attended a team meeting or training day and the facilitator says turn to the person on your left and share 3 facts about goodness my stomach churns and I cringe. I can guarantee that even though I have 6 million hobbies, 17,000 unfinished projects and a family and cats, my mind goes into blind panic and I just have nothing. The creative part of my brain just completely shuts down! So I thought in a bid to help you get to know me more I would share 10 facts about me.


1) I love weird food mixtures!

2) I don't enjoy and avoid small talk.

I love people and prefer to talk about the real stuff. But with small talk, I just feel awkward and actually cant seem to manage how much I blurt out anyway so if people try small talk with me, they get a true life account of my current life.

3) I used to be scared of cats - I know mad right!

4) I cannot wear odd socks...

I admire people that can have such indifference to wearing odd socks. Those who embrace the fact that they don't have to wait and match each pair before being able to get dressed! But for me, even the thought of it leaves me so incredibly uncomfortable. I can probably....just about...maybe...ishly so...through dubious facial expressions and slightly squirming...imagine wearing odd socks, that are kind of similar BUT they would have to have the SAME height on the foot or ankle and the SAME elasticity on each foot, but then again NAH! I still couldn't, no way!

5) I have 2 tattoos.

6) I used to be scared of worms.

Yep, so scared that when I was about 5, if I saw one in the garden I would run inside the house so it wouldn't get me. I only managed to get over this when I had children and needed to be brave, ha ha!

7) Tulips, gerberas and painted daisies are my favourite flowers.

8) I am scared of birds but love to draw them.

The Instagram drawing challenge #birbfest by really helped me to fall in love with the shape, colours and textures of birds but the biggest part for me was understanding how many different types of birds there are! I assumed there would be duplicates during the month of drawing them, but no! It surprised me how my fear of birds had restricted my understanding of the bird world to the degree that I was quite narrow minded about all the different types! It is estimated that there are about 10,000 different species of birds in the world! Wowee!

9) I am dyslexic.

10) I am embarrassed to talk about my art in public - I know weird right! Happy to post but struggle irl!

I really need to dig into this, I have tried to understand this for a while now. It just doesn't make sense to me. I had a situation at work just recently where a new-ish colleague asked me if I would like to exhibit with them when we were discussing our art and I just said 'No thanks', even without considering it because I just felt mortified that my art would be a public space...for anyone to see! How can I feel so strange about it out in the world on display but love it when people send me pictures of their prints and stickers. This is definitely something I need to journal about and ultimately challenge!

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